Monday, May 6, 2013

Birthday Month! Tao Tao House and Dainty Sichuan

It is my birthday month! Woo! Forget celebrating just your birthday, your birthday weekend or your birthday week. Birthday month. It's going to be awesome. I actually feel more reluctant to celebrate my birthday as each year goes by but it is a nice excuse to get friends and family together. And usually those flaky types who may find excuses when it comes to casual catch ups will make an effort if it's for a birthday.

As we will be overseas on my actual birthday, we had some early celebrations this weekend. Nothing crazy, I am too old for that now.

Saturday morning I had to pick Ray up from the airport, then we came home and got ready to have lunch with our friends. I wanted to have yum cha and picked Tao Tao House due to it's high ranking on Urbanspoon.

Apologies for lack of pictorials, I was so hungry I was more focused on eating :)

Tao Tao House was a lot smaller than I was expecting. I think they have purchased new chairs, unfortunately I don't think they tried the chairs with the tables when they bought them as they are too low. I felt like I needed a booster seat. They do bring the food around on trolleys, but as it was quite a small restaurant, they didn't bring them around as often as I would prefer and there was not a large variety of food like you would find in the bigger yum cha restaurants. I'd say it would be better for smaller groups of up to 4 who want to have a quiet and intimate yum cha experience. It does miss that crazy hustle and bustle I am used to when having yum cha.

The food was of excellent quality though, all the dumplings were really delicious. The custard egg buns were good, the filling wasn't dry as I often find at our local yum cha place. The egg tarts were also delicious. It ended up costing only $25 per person, so wasn't too expensive.

Tao Tao House on Urbanspoon

Sunday night we went out for dinner with my mum, her partner and my brother for another early birthday celebration plus early Mother's Day as we will be in NZ. We went to Dainty Sichuan in Toorak. We had a 6pm booking and it wasn't too busy, but as we finished up at around 7:30pm the restaurant was full so I would recommend making a booking. You can choose to have hotpot or just normal stir fry dishes. We went for normal. Between the five of us we shared 5 dishes, plus I brought a cake. As the lovely FF says, I am a Follower and when I saw Cat's cake I had to get one too. It was really good! We were so full at the end and took some leftovers home as well so it was pretty good value. The first couple of dishes came out scary quick. As in we had just ordered and the food came out immediately. I loved every single dish we had, and would return to Dainty Sichuan with no hesitation. It was spicy though, so I don't know whether someone who does not enjoy spicy food would like this restaurant. But if you are a spice lover you gotta try this place!

Cold noodles, sweet and sour pork ribs

Spicy fish

Chong qing chicken - the bones got a bit annoying

Fish flavoured eggplant - my favourite dish of the night

Vanilla slice cake from Tanner's Swisse Patisserie ($32)

Total for dinner was $134 (includes corkage $2 per person, chinese tea and soy milk)

Dainty Sichuan on Urbanspoon

I'm still full now.


  1. Yay for Birthday Month!! There is so many of us bloggers who have a birthday in May!

    That vanilla slice looks so damn good!!

    1. There is a few May birthday bloggers! Crazy Taureans.
      Mmm the vanilla slice really was good I'm cravinf more now!

  2. Oh Dainty Sichuan, did you use to go to it when it was down some alleyway?

    I might stick to the large noisy as yum cha places. I need a lot of food to be pushed around.

    1. Nah, this was my first time. They have one in the city now too I think, I'll have to find an excuse to try that one!

  3. Oh the food does look very spicy! I'm totally craving vanilla slice now...

    PS: I'm hosting a Suigo hair pack giveaway; hope you enter:

    1. Me too...

      Nice giveaway, I've entered!

  4. Football dumplings were definitely my favourite!! But agree they definitely needed a wider variety of yum cha options (eg: vegetarian!). Hope you had a good birthday!!! =)

  5. Happy Birthday Month to you :)
    It was my Birthday Month in May too, but I usually only drag it out for a week.
    Next year I'm doing a month!

    1. Happy birthday month to you too! hehe definitely do a month and squeeze in a holiday if you can!


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