Monday, July 1, 2013

Yarra Valley Smaller Wineries Shortest Lunch 2013

Last Sunday we spent the day winery hopping with Ray's parents and his aunty who is visiting from the Phillipines as part of the Shortest Lunch event. It is an annual event held on the shortest weekend of the year (winter solstice), with the funds raised from the entry fees ($10) going to the CFA. You get a wine glass with the entry fee, but I'm not that into wine so was more interested in the lunch aspect! We went to four wineries: Brumfield Winery, Seville Estate, Elmswood Estate and Seville Hill. All the food was delicious and apparently the wines were quite good too. The weather was just perfect for a relaxing afternoon out, looking forward to next year's event! Oh and please excuse the photos, I'm feeling very lazy at the moment and so none of them have been edited, just uploaded straight from the camera. 

Brumfield Winery: Brumfield burger with premium Yarra Valley beef in fresh turkish bread, Anda's tomato & red capsicum chutney, baby spinach, ripe tomato, basil pesto & yogurt sauce $15. I thought this was OK, would have been nicer if the bread had been toasted or warmed up. And why put the chutney all over the plate? I want it in my burger lol.

Seville Estate:
Slow cooked Chinese spiced duck pies with mashed potato and mushy peas $15. Probably my favourite savoury dish of the day, very tasty.
Sticky date pudding with toffee sauce and ice cream $8. This was quite good, Ray said the one I make is better #thingshusbandshavetosay

Elmswood Estate: Belgian waffle with ice cream and homemade berry sauce $10. This was nice, but would have been better if there was a bit more waffle to go with all the ice cream and sauce! The music at Elmswood Estate was the best of the wineries we visited, they had a jazz trio playing and so we stayed and had more wine out on the deck in the sun. It was lovely.

Seville Hill:
House made gnocchi served with a three cheese sauce and a hint of chilli $15. The gnocchi was nice and soft, but I wasn't a fan of the sauce.
Tomato, pork sausage and fennel seed ragu with house made gnocchi $15. I just had a taste of this one, and preferred it over the cheese gnocchi.
They had none of the advertised chocolate pudding cake left and so were serving sticky date pudding. It was nice, but I prefer my pudding with ice cream.

A few days later, I came out of yoga class and was curious as to what my weight is. WELL. Let's just say I am like the heaviest I have ever been in my life and so am now trying to make better food choices! A few weeks ago I got introduced to Arnott's Crown biscuits/Woolie's Toffee caramel biscuits (basically the same thing). I was eating like a pack a day. I think I ate nearly 10 packs in that many days. And I had swapped out drinking water for cordial. So baaaad! So no more chocolate biscuits, no more cordial. Hopefully that will help the weight situation!


  1. Gorgeous photos. Looks like a lovely day with lots of delicious food. I love Arnotts Crowns, I just keep trying to tell myself they are the devils food haha. But we all have to treat yourselves now and then!

    x Eve

    1. Arnotts Crowns are the devil! Yes it's all about moderation, too bad I can't seem to moderate if I have any "treat" foods in the house!

  2. The photo looks amazing. But i'm loving the sound of the Chinese spiced duck pies! Never had duck pie before - I think it will be delicious.

    PS: Enter the Cosima Skincare giveaway today:

  3. The food looks amazing. And Crowns....clearly the best biscuit by far. Sorry...I mean, they're horrible. Terribly. Taste disgusting.



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