Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Birthday Week - H&M and Uniqlo haul

My birthday week is over and done with for another year. Hello late 20's!
I know some people don't enjoy being the centre of attention and loathe birthdays but I just love using it as an excuse to get friends and family together, and to splurge on myself a little.

So we started off last Sunday with a joint Mother's Day/birthday celebration with my family at Jinda Thai in Abbortsford. I'll do a separate review post, but I have to say the food was so good and I definitely recommend you go try it out if you haven't already.

Wednesday was my actual birthday and I started off with a bit of pampering, my SIL got me a voucher for lash extensions so I made use of that. I love having long lashes! I then went and had my haircut, it had been a whole year since my last cut (whoops!) so it was suuper long and I decided to get it chopped nice and short. Mum hair.

Hubby and I then made our way into the city so I could shop it up at H&M. I always love spending a good 2-3 hours in H&M whenever we go overseas, and the Melbourne store did not disappoint. We got there at 5pm and the store closes at 7pm, but we managed to get through it all in the 2 hours. I didn't bother trying anything on in the change rooms though. Here's what I got:

 A couple of basic tops and birthday Hello Kitty socks

One of my favourite pieces is the rose jumper. The fluffy sweater is nice but leaves fluff everywhere!

These are maxi's, hopefully the fit is OK post-birth!

My other favourite piece is this blazer. I somehow managed without a black blazer til now!

I love the cheap accessories at H&M

Close up of the rings - these came in a pack of 2 for only $4.99!

And couldn't resist getting a few things for baby. How cute are the penguin slippers?! Not knowing the gender has kept my spending in rein for now...

We finished off the day with a delicious dinner at Laksa Bar - two thumbs up. We both ordered the soft shell crab house laksa and it was amazing. The broth was thick and flavoursome and the bowl was jam packed full of soft shell crab, veggies, fish cakes, crab stick, egg, and of course noodles. Despite being absolutely starving after my 2 hour shop, neither of us were able to finish our bowls. My laksa craving is satisfied for now, but next time I'm hanging for a good laksa I'll definitely be heading back to Laksa Bar for more!

On Saturday we headed back into the city and checked into the Sheraton for the night. The hotel is only a couple of months old so the rooms are all still nice and new.

After checking in we headed down the road to Miss Fox for a couples massage. It was heaven. The girls were so lovely as usual, and my therapist always made sure to check that I was nice and comfy.

We floated back to the hotel after the massage to get changed for dinner at Cecconi's on Flinder's Lane. More about dinner in another post but in short, it was average. Boo. Or maybe my expectations were too high. Either way we were both a little disappointed.

After dinner we grabbed a gelati from the Spring St Grocer and went back to the room where I drew myself a nice relaxing bath. Ahh. One of the things I'm loving at the moment is watching my belly move as the baby rolls and kicks around in there. It's so weird but cool!

The next morning we enjoyed a lovely buffet breakfast at the hotel - no photos sorry! I forgot to bring my charger so I had to leave it up in the room charging on Ray's one. We then headed over to check out the new Emporium and have a squiz around Uniqlo. For some reason I never got around to checking out Uniqlo all the times we've been to HK and the Philippines so I wasn't really sure what to expect. They have a lot of basics, and the prices here are quite good.

I only ended up getting a couple of things - 

I already have a few totes but this one was half price, made of a thick sturdy canvas and I liked the graphic pattern.

The left one is a long tunic, the right was in the men's tees section. I prefer the fit of men's tees, especially at my current size haha

Ray also got some tshirts on sale and some heattech tops. I'm planning to go back and get some of their stretch jeans after I have the baby and hopefully get back to my pre-baby body. It's so hard going shopping when you are 10 times your usual size!

We finished off my birthday week by meeting up with some friends at the Merrywell at Crown as I heard they have great burgers there. It was a little bit awkward as they don't really have seating for big groups so we sat at a little lounge-type area which made it very hard to eat. I had the American burger which was pretty good, needed more BBQ sauce I thought. I was hungry and forgot to snap a pic of my burger before devouring it. Naughty blogger.

So that was my birthday week 2014. It was so nice to spend some quality time with just me and Ray, as when the baby arrives it won't just be the two of us anymore!

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  1. I visit Laksa Bar every single time I go to Melbourne, it's THAT good!


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