Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!!! 30 weeks!

Hello blog world! It has been too long between posts so lots to catch up on. I'm hoping I can get back into the habit of posting regularly again.

Hope all the mamas are being spoilt and having a lovely day. My thoughts are also with those who probably find this holiday a hard one, those who long to hold their babies but never will, those who long to hold the mums again but can't. 

Anyway, I can't believe that in 10 weeks or so I will be a mama myself!!! Sometimes I look at my belly and just can't believe that there really is a little person in there, and soon they will be out here with the rest of us! It really is mind boggling.

The pregnancy has been a pretty smooth one, we did have a little scare at the start with a large subchorionic haemorrhage found on the 7 week dating scan. I took it easy for the rest of the first trimester and thankfully by the time we had the 20 week scan there was no sign of the haemorrhage left. Yippee! I didn't suffer badly from morning sickness, just had nausea on and off in the first tri which disappeared and was replaced by a few weeks of severe posterior pelvic pain. I was limping around but luckily that sorted itself out and I've been on top of the world ever since.

Food-wise I haven't really had any strong aversions or cravings. In the first trimester I wasn't a big fan of coffee, but since then I've been enjoying a big cup of decaf every morning. I have been enjoying eating lots of carbalicious food, loving my cheesy pizzas (especially the ones from Costco - so good!).

Emotionally I think I've been pretty stable, just the occasional random cry. The last one being last week when we were watching Frozen. I cried at the start which I normally would anyway because it was a sad part, but then I started crying when she was singing "Let It Go" because I was so happy for the character which Ray found hilarious.

What has been really exciting for me is feeling the baby move. I first felt definite movements at around 18 weeks, and by 20 weeks Ray was able to feel the kicks as well.

Here's some pics of my belly growing progress so far:

Me at 6 weeks

12 weeks

21 weeks

24 weeks

30 weeks

We haven't found out the gender, it'll be a surprise! Although I've been having very strong girl feelings. Either way, I'm just hoping for a happy healthy bub!


  1. OH MY GOD!! Congratulations lady!! This is the best news (I've stopped blogging and only just logged back in the morning to catch up on what ever one has been upto and yours was the first one I clicked on!) You're going to make the best mumma xx

    1. Aww thanks! I hope I will be a good mama :) We had to cancel our Europe trip as I would have been too preggers, I'm pretty sure I'm following you on insta so you'll have to post lots of pics when you go so I can live vicariously through you!!!

  2. Aww..huge congrats!!! Your belly photos are so lovely. Kisses


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